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Common German Verbs German

The German verb sein (to be) is the most commonly used verb in everyday conversation. Understand how to use sein and you will have the ability to discuss many topics of conversation in Germany.
SizeA4 (297mm x 210mm).

This sample covers the German verb sein (to be).

The full poster expands on sein but also covers two other very common German verbs – haben (to have) and gehen (to go).

Sample the Common German Verbs poster
Sample the Common German Verbs poster

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Practice the German verbs, sein (to be), haben (to have) and gehen (to go)

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The full size Common German Verbs poster demonstrates thousands of different German phrases and unlike a course book or podcasts, this resource can be easily glanced at all day every day. Gain the extra language practice that you need to become more fluent and better prepared for your next class or trip to Germany.