Spanish, French and German language posters

About Us

At we create language products for students of French, German and Spanish. We think that our products are unique because they are created by language students for language students. Of course, all of our products are thoroughly checked by language experts but the concepts for our products are all inspired by what we have wanted ourselves as language students.

Who we are

Steve Roberts has studied Spanish for three years and has travelled extensively in Spain and South America. His most challenging language experience was working on a farm in Andalucia, about one hour drive from Sevilla. No one spoke English on the farm, and Andalucians have a tendency to drop one or two syllables off the end of longer words. It was hard at first, but after a few weeks ‘my Spanish improved immeasurably, and I even picked up a fair bit of farm slang!’.

Marika Sosnowski has lived and worked in Belgium and Germany and has intermediate level French, German and also pretty good Dutch. When living in Berlin for a year her flatmate agreed to only speak German at home, which was very difficult for Marika at first but after a month or two her German was good enough to fool many customers in the restaurant she worked at into thinking she was an authentic Berliner.

Steve and Marika live on the sunny north coast of New South Wales in Australia.

Our supporters

We can’t do it all ourselves so we have enlisted the best help we can find to help us create our language products. We truly appreciate the wonderful efforts that the following contributors:

  • Spanish expert: Doris Gil is the Director of Opening Doors School of Langauges in Melbourne, where Steve studied Spanish for three years.
  • German expert: Eva Umlauf tutors in German, French and Italian to people of all ages in the Byron Bay area.
  • French expert: Delphine Barber is a French language tutor based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Illustrator: Ted Slampiyak is a professional illustrator at Storytellers Workshop