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The joy (and fear!) of travel

Lots of people love to travel – including us. But while going to new places can be heaps of fun, it can also be a little bit daunting.

Finding out how to get around, knowing what time the shops open and close and being able to let the locals know that you want the milk and not the cheese are all part and parcel of the travel experience.

Language can definitely soften the blow of travelling in foreign lands. In most countries we’ve been to, it’s fair to say that “a little goes a long way”! Even if you’ve only got the basics of a language, most people we’ve met have been nothing but happy that you’ve made some effort to get to know their language – and through it their culture and way of life.

So, when you’re thinking about that next trip abroad, instead of purchasing your ticket first, why not start by learning a few of the local phrases. Please, thank you and hello are always a good place to start – and see how many smiles you get for your trouble! As they say, a smile is worth a thousand words anyway, isn’t it?!

By Miki. Mar 19 in News.

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