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Learning a language can help ward off dementia

Congratulations! Your choice to learn a new language now comes with added benefits!

Not only can you have conversations, ask directions to the train station or the nearest restaurant and haggle in the market, it has now been proven that learning a second (or third, fourth or fifth!) language can help ward off the onset of dementia.

There’s many articles out there on the topic, but this one from New Scientist is really interesting. One of the main theories as to why learning another language can delay the onset of three types of dementia (including Alzheimers) is because the process of speaking one language means the constant suppression of another. This switching and suppression essentially makes the brain more flexible and hence less likely to develop dementia.

Amazing stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get studying!


By Miki. Mar 24 in News.

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